How to watch Bill Engvall in his new horror movie, “The Neighbor”

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How to watch Bill Engvall in his new horror movie, “The Neighbor”

For the first time in his career, Blue Collar Comedian Bill Engvall plays the bad guy!

We’ve been inundated with requests about where you can find and watch Bill’s new movie, The Neighbor. Here’s a comprehensive list:

So what’s the movie about?

Starring alongside Josh Stewart (The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar), who plays the film’s complicated hero John, Bill plays Troy in the action thriller The Neighbor from renowned horror screenwriter and director Marcus Dunstan.

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Set in rural Mississippi, the film introduces Josh as an Afghanistan veteran who seems to be a hostage in his own hometown. Seemingly indebted to run drugs for an uncle who promised to take care of him when his father passed, John is looking to make one last deal before making a run for Mexico with his girlfriend Rosie. Out of boredom during the days, Rosie spies on the couple’s reclusive neighbor Troy. Then one day, John innocuously returns a wayward trashcan to Troy’s lawn, which finally leads to an uneasy face-to-face meeting between the two. When Rosie goes missing a day before she and John are scheduled to skip town, John ventures over to his neighbor’s property, where he uncovers another complicated criminal enterprise — and all hell breaks loose.

Described by one critic as “creatively misdirecting at every opportunity without ever choosing the most obvious next story move or resorting to cliché,” the film has enjoyed positive reviews from a community passionately devoted to this genre.

Bill’s performance has also been praised by the likes of the prolific film critics at Culture Crypt.

“Engvall doesn’t mug for the camera or display the kind of cocky overconfidence that often characterizes this kind of powder keg villain. Instead, he works the psychological side of his role to be more quietly discomforting than overtly suspicious. It’s an intelligent way to portray a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and an inventive way to invert expectations of Engvall being an amiable funnyman.”

Still not convinced this movie is for you? Take a sneak peek at a scene from The Neighbor below.