My Two Cents: If you suck at kickball, quit playing kickball

My Two Cents: If you suck at kickball, quit playing kickball

Bill Engvall | My Two Cents Podcast

Welcome to the 25th episode of “My Two Cents” with comedian Bill Engvall, the show designed to make you laugh and think! Scroll to the bottom to listen to this week’s episode.

Special Guest: Colt Knost

Back once again by popular demand, Bill’s wife Gail rejoins the podcast this week. The two begin the show talking about the response to the election and why it boil’s Bill’s blood — which of course led into a conversation about why Bill got uninvited from his kids’ back-to-school nights. Spoiler alert: It all started when a parent raised her hand to ask, “Will there be homework?”

A little later on, Bill and Gail welcome one of their all-time favorite PGA golfers, Colt Knost. The trio talk about how to “play golf like you don’t give a damn,” about whether Tiger Woods will ever be the same golfer, about what it’s like to play golf with Phil Mickelson and whether Colt is ever going to ask Bill to be his partner at Pebble Beach.

If you’re a golf fan, make sure to follow Colt on Twitter.

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