My 2 Cents: Jeff Dunham recounts playing 3 shows a night with Bill

My 2 Cents: Jeff Dunham recounts playing 3 shows a night with Bill

Bill Engvall | My Two Cents Podcast

Welcome to the 31st episode of “My Two Cents” with comedian Bill Engvall, the show designed to make you laugh and think! Scroll to the bottom to listen to this week’s episode.

Guest: Jeff Dunham

Bill starts this episode talking about his producer Austin’s trip to Disneyland, which just happens to have been his wife’s first trip to the magical kingdom. Through the insanity of the crowds, the parking lots that would put most NFL stadium parking lots to shame and the $130-plus entry fees, Austin still insists it was a fantastic trip.

Later in the episode, Bill is joined by fellow comic Jeff Dunham, whose unique act went from doing six shows a day at the Six Flags Over Texas to a viral hit in the early days of YouTube to a one of the planet’s most famous ventriloquists. Jeff talked about having twin boys 19 years after having his last child, the advice Bill gave Jeff early in his career (“be dirtier”), how interestingly supportive Jeff’s Texas pupils were of him playing with dolls as late as high school, how computer programming changed Jeff’s life, the birth of Achmed The Dead Terrorist and the time Bill and Jeff spent together working in Dallas and then co-headlining, doing three shows a day at the Improv in Las Vegas.

Check out Jeff’s new tour, Perfectly Unbalanced, and make sure to follow him on his website, YouTube, FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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