My Two Cents: Do aliens exist? This guy says yes

My Two Cents: Do aliens exist? This guy says yes

Bill Engvall | My Two Cents Podcast

Welcome to the eighth episode of “My Two Cents” with comedian Bill Engvall, the show designed to make you laugh and think! Scroll down to listen.

Special Guest Appearance: Alien channeler Darryl Anka

In this edition, Bill talks aliens. That’s right, aliens! And to do it, Bill welcomes so-called alien channeler Darryl Anka to the show. The two talk about Bashar the alien (with whom Darryl says he can communicate), where Darryl experienced his first encounter, how he created CG representations of Bashar, the nature of existence, his upcoming documentary narrated by Oscar-nominated actor James Woods and the 33 years Darryl has devoted to this pursuit. And yes, folks, Darryl is married!

Learn more about Darryl and Bashar at You can also follow Darryl on Facebook and Twitter.

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