My Two Cents: Bill and Larry the Cable Guy catch up

My Two Cents: Bill and Larry the Cable Guy catch up

Bill Engvall | My Two Cents Podcast

Welcome to the 23rd episode of “My Two Cents” with comedian Bill Engvall, the show designed to make you laugh and think! Scroll to the bottom to listen to this week’s episode.

Special Guest: Larry the Cable Guy

The goober may have been a half hour late — which meant Bill had to yammer about the fact that he now ties “fat man knots” on his shoes, where ghosts get their clothes and the people in those fake test group car commercials who say “I’m going to go buy a Chevy now” — but when Larry finally showed up, it was just like old times. That’s right folks, we had Larry the Cable Guy on this week’s show!

The two old buddies chat about the home school football team that Larry quarterbacks, about what “ying yang” mean in the term “we’ve got crows coming out the ying yang” and what the hell is up with clowns these days. Lastly, and most importantly, the two address the question they always get when they go on stage without one another: Is Blue Collar ever going to get the band back together? You won’t want to miss Larry’s response!

Make sure to check out Larry and Jeff’s new special, We’ve Been Thinking, and follow the ol’ cuss on his website as well as FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

And speaking of new specials, make sure you check out Bill’s too! It was officially released on Nov. 8, and is oh-so-appropriately-dubbed Just Sell Him For Parts.

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