My Two Cents: When the world goes to hell, go fishing

My Two Cents: When the world goes to hell, go fishing

Bill Engvall | My Two Cents Podcast

Welcome to the 10th episode of “My Two Cents” with comedian Bill Engvall, the show designed to make you laugh and think! Scroll down to listen.

Special Guest Appearance: Pro fisherman Travis Moran

In this edition, Bill takes stock in how great a shape the world is in — and about why he is now turning to vodka and fishing. While vodka can’t be recommended as a parenting strategy, fishing is! Bill explains about how his grandfather helped teach him how to catch perch, about some of his fondest memories being fishing off a dock with his college buddies and about how fishing has helped settle him after a show and on movie sets. On cue, pro fisherman Travis Moran joins the show. Among other things, the two chat about how Moran’s company Lucky Tackle Box is helping get more kids into the sport and how some of his fishing buddies’ claims to fame involve appearing as extras in Bill’s movie “Bait Shop,” which co-starred Billy Ray Cyrus.

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