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Bill Engvall Brings Blue Collar Comedy to Englewood
Posted January 17, 2012 (04:31 PM)


Brace yourselves, blue collar comedy fans: Bill Engvall doesn't even score in the top 30th percentile on the Universal Redneck Index.

Monster trucks? "Never gotten into 'em."

NASCAR? "I would go in-between. I like NASCAR. I think you could cut it down by three hours. Give me the start, a couple of laps, and the finish."

Skynyrd? "Love 'em."

Confederate flags? "You know what, I'm gonna go with, I'm not against it, but I think its time has come and gone. You can't deny it's part of history, but I'm glad it's a part of history we've moved on from."

Engvall, coming to bergenPAC this week, describes himself as more a "hippie cowboy" than a good ol' boy. He lives in Hollywood, for heaven's sake. And he drives a 1977 VW van.

"I'm more an old hippie than an old redneck," he says. "If you coulda seen me 40 years ago, I had long hair, I was into Iron Butterfly and black lights."

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